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The discipline of endodontology includes performing root canal treatments. In this treatment, the nerve is removed from a tooth. This happens when the living tissue (pulp) is inflamed in one or more root canals and causes severe pain. Endodontology is one of the specializations of Dental Clinics Altman in The Hague.

The root canal treatment

The root canal treatment at Dental Clinics Altman is performed completely painless! The dentist will give you local anesthesia. If the living tooth tissue (pulp) has already died, an anesthetic is not always necessary. The dentist often makes one or more X-rays to check the process of the treatment. The dentist first makes a little hole in your tooth and then removes the inflamed tissue. Then he cleans the root canal(s) with small files and rinses with a disinfecting chlorine solution. After that the root canals are filled. Finally, your dentist closes your tooth with a filling. If the tooth is weakened, a crown may be needed. A tooth treated in this way will last for a long time.

Pain after root canal treatment

The root canal treatment is performed completely painless since the dentist will give you local anesthesia. After the root canal treatment you may experience some pain. A swelling can also occur in the treated area. The pain usually lasts for only a few days. In some cases you will only experience a little pain when chewing. You can suppress the pain with a good painkiller. Antibiotics is usually not necessary.

Long-term pain

If there are remnants of nerve, inflamed tissue or bacteria in the tooth, this can lead to a longer period of pain. In that case the dentist can open, clean and rinse the root canal(s) again. In most cases, however, this is not necessary and the pain automatically disappears over time.

Inflammation after root canal treatment

Sometimes root canals which are very narrow and difficult to be reached provoke that inflammatory bacteria remain after root canal treatment. As a result the inflammation unfortunately starts over again. In some cases, the dentist will prescribe antibiotics. If an antibiotic treatment will not have a chance of success, the dentist will check whether it is worthwhile to carry out the root canal treatment again. If not, he will forward you to a dental surgeon for a root apex resection.

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