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The periodontists and dental hygienists of Dental Clinics Altman in The Hague are specially trained to restore the gums and the surface underneath. When normal treatment is not sufficient, surgical treatment may be required. The well-known periodontists of our dental clinic also practices this surgery.

Gum disease treatment; Inflamed gums become healthy again

Healthy gums are pink and lie tightly around the teeth. They do not bleed when brushing your teeth. If you do not remove dental plaque properly, the bacteria can cause your gums to become inflamed. Red, swollen or bleeding gums usually indicate that they are inflamed (gingivitis). At an early stage, the dentist or dental hygienist can usually treat the starting gum disease simply by removing dental plaque and tartar. Without treatment, deeper gum disease or periodontitis can occur: The inflammation loosens the gums and will enlarge and deepen the space between the tooth and gums (pocket). Then the inflammation can spread further to the jaw bone, resulting in loss of fibers and jawbone. Teeth will loosen and roots will be exposed through withdrawn gums. Fortunately, periodontitis can also be treated well, so that the gums become healthy again.

Treatment advanced gum disease

Moderate to severe gum diseases often require an advanced gum therapy. This treatment focuses on fighting gum disease, so that the loss of tissue stops. Hereafter, bone and gum can be partially rebuilt in some cases. Our dentist-periodontist has all the knowledge to perform a gum correction carefully and professionally. The gum correction consists of:

  • First appointment: Anamnesis, mouth examination and X-rays
  • Periodontal treatment: Thorough cleaning of your teeth
  • Reassessment: periodontal mouth examination
  • Surgical treatment: if gum problems have not yet been cured
  • Evaluation and aftercare: periodic monitoring and preventive oral care

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